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Pottery Painting

Pottery Painting is so much fun and we believe that it has the power to uplift your spirit, ignite your imagination, and bring people together. Our pottery painting experience is a perfect blend of fun, relaxation, and self-expression, suitable for everyone, regardless of age or artistic ability.

Choose your pottery, pick your colours and create your very own masterpiece!

Our studio offers a huge range of pottery and we even provide paint at home kits if you would like to get creative outside of our studio.

If you are new to pottery painting (Hello) and would like to know more about it then please visit our Information page below.

Here's a few inspirational pieces from our Facebook page..

And here's a taste of our ever growing pottery collection..

Upcoming Special Events

Why not have a look at some of the special events we have coming up below, you can view more on our workshops page..

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