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Useful Information

Take a look at our useful information page to help answer your questions or queries. 

Still need help? No problem! Get in touch and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help! 

What to expect

What to Expect When You Visit Our Shop;

  • If you are interested in visiting our shop to paint a pot, Build A Bear, purchase a gift or enjoy some amazing refreshments then you have come to the right place!

  • You can book your visit either in person, online, over the phone or by email, we will happily accept walk-ins but during busy periods we may not have space so booking is highly recommended.

  • When you arrive at the shop we will show you to your table and you can then head over to the shelves to pick your craft of choice. We have a huge selection of pottery, painting kits, create a bear, needle felting kits and much more! 

  •  You are given 2 hours of studio time to complete your chosen activity, feel free to contact us if you think you would like more than 2 hours to craft. 

  • Each table is supplied with their own craft caddy which includes a paint chart, paints, brushes, sponges, water, pallets and various other crafting items, if you would like something specific please let us know and we can locate it for you.

  • If you require any help or inspiration, then a member of our team will be more than happy to help you during your visit.

Next time
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Until Next Time;

  • When you have decided it is time to leave please locate a member of the team to help you. We ask that all visitors have left the premises before the next studio slot to avoid delays during busy periods. 

  • Craft Kits that have been purchased can be taken home and we will pop everything in a bag for you to take with you. 

  • If you have painted a piece of pottery and would like it fired then we will take some information from you and your pottery will be available for collection around 2 - 3 weeks later however this may increase during busy periods. If you are visiting and would like your pottery posted to you then please let us know so we can provide you with a post and packaging cost. 

  • All personal data given is only for our own purpose and once items have been posted or collected the information will be destroyed. 

Jus browsing

Just Browsing;

We have a fabulous collection of handmade gifts and take away craft kits to purchase in our shop. If you are feeling a little peckish or thirsty we have a lovely selection of light bites, home made cakes and fresh coffee to enjoy.  You can even create your own designs and have them put on mugs, coasters, tea towels, key rings and much more! We love visitors, whether you are stopping to craft or just popping in. If you have a gift in mind but are not sure where to start then feel free to speak to a member of the team who may be able to assist you. 


We are looking forward to seeing you soon! 

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